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Market Intelligence Industry Frameworks

Deep Knowledge Group has created a set of industry frameworks designed to provide a structured approach to understanding and evaluating emerging industries. These frameworks serve as analytical tools for assessing the potential of an industry or technology and identifying areas that require further research and investment.

DKG's industry frameworks are comprehensive and multidimensional, considering various factors relevant to the industry or technology under evaluation. These factors may include technological readiness, intellectual property protection, regulatory environment, market size and growth potential, and key players and stakeholders. Through the development and application of these frameworks, DKG aims to offer a rigorous and evidence-based approach to investment decision-making in emerging industries and technologies.

Overview of Analytical Frameworks Development by Deep Knowledge Group

Over almost a decade of activities, Deep Knowledge Group and its analytical subsidiaries have constructed intricate analytical frameworks competent enough to analyze, define, and forecast the extraordinarily sophisticated industries and the disruptive technologies pushing those industries.

The following document summarises the traction of Deep Knowledge Group to the finalization of the most advanced industries covering the innovative technological approaches.

GIF evolution.gif
Philanthropy Industry
Philanthropy Frame.png
Geoeconomics Industry
CreaTech Industry
createch Industry.png
Impact Investing
Impact Investing .png
Longevity Industry
Longevity Industry.png
Longevity Financial Industry
Longevity Finance Framework banner.png
AI in Drug Discovery
AI In Drug Discovery.png
Longevity Governance
Longevty Governance.png
Longevity Corporate Strategy
Longevity Corporate Strategy.png
Longevity Biomarkers Industry
Longevity Biomrkers.png
Blockchain in the Longevity Industry
block chain in longevity.png
Insurance and InsurTech Industry
Insurance and insurTech.png
GovTech Industry
GovTech Industry.png
FemTech Industry
FemTech Industry.png
AgriTech Industry
FoodTech Industry
mHealth Industry
mHealth Industry.png
AgeTech Industry
agetech industr.png
DeepTech Industry
DeepTech Industry.png
AI Industry
Framework banner.png
5th Industrial Revolution
5th Industrial Revolution.png
SpaceTech Industry
spacetech industry.png
NeuroTech Industry
neurotech industry.png
Disruptive Technologies in Pharma
disruptive technologies.png
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